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These tree reels from Hatch are the ones that we use in our operation. Hatch makes reels all of the way up to 12 plus sizes!


Hatch Reels first started in 2003 designing reels that were a little different. Guides, fly shop owners, and avid fisherman started using the first prototypes and Hatch Reels have steadily grown since. Hatch released their first fly reels in 2005 after two years of pre-production R&D.


After they were fished by more and more people the demand for Hatch grew very quickly. Hatch is not your ordinary fly fishing reel and that's what makes them the best reel on the market today.


I could do a full page write up on the drag system but I'll make it simple. Instead of a normal drag system where metal is driven downward onto one other surface Hatch has created a multi disk stack comprised of stainless steel and Rulon. So your drag system has more surface area which helps with smoother start up and basically eliminates sticking problems. Oh yeah, the materials that make up the drag system are self-lubricating so no maintenance is ever needed. We like to fish, NOT clean.

The reel itself is machined, no buffing occurs and they look good. They come in a variety of different colors and are made right here in the USA.


If you would like any information on other reels produced by Hatch or just want to see what all the hype is about please visit their web site.





Hatch Fly Fishing Reels, The Best fly fishing reel

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The best fly fishing reels from WD Fly Shop.

The Fly Fishing Reels that we recommend are for sale below. We can order and ship any model from Hatch. If you would like a model that is not listed please contact us and we will order it for you.

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Fit and Finish-
Every Hatch reel is finished with Type II anodizing available in five color combinations: Black/Silver, Silver/Ocean Blue, Silver/Forest Green, Silver/Bordeaux Red, Silver/Black.


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Hatch 3 Plus Reel For Sale

Hatch 3 Plus Premium Fly Fishing Reel


The smallest reel made by hatch is still one of the best freshwater trout reels found anywhere. The three plus is capable of running 3 through 5 weight fly lines but still has ample backing capacity for when you hook into that surprise whooper of a fish. If I were to tell you that this is a 3 weight fly reel you would not believe me, this little guy is ready for any fishing business you throw its way.


PRICE: $400.00

Arbor Size:


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Hatch 4  Plus Reel For Sale

Hatch 4 Plus Premium Fly Fishing Reel


Brand new for 2011!! Hatch has bridged the gap between their popular 3 and 5 plus models. The 4 plus was made to be the perfect 5 weight reel, but also balances up nicely with line weights 4 through 6. We are excited about this one!


PRICE: $450.00

Arbor Size:


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Hatch 5  Plus Reel For Sale

Hatch 5 Plus Premium Fly Fishing Reel


Known as Hatches bad boy the 5 plus is a do it all fly fishing reel that leaves no doubt. From working out in in the surf off southern California, using it for light steelhead in Oregon, and throwing nasty streamers in Montana (also on the Wind River in Wyoming)this work horse of a fly reel can do it all. The 5 plus is capable of holding 5 through 7 weight lines.


PRICE: $500.00

Arbor Size:


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Extra Spools for Hatch Reels

Extra spools-


One reel to rule them all is how I look at this. All of the hatch reels are available in either mid or large arbors off the shelf. Hatch has made is very easy to use on reel model for a variety of different types of fishing. With the availability of purchasing extra spools you can have a new set up ready to go no matter where you fish. Whether you need extra backing want to use a sink tip line or are switching to a different line weight an extra spool will always a great addition to your fishing arsenal. Extra spools are also available in mid and large arbor.


3 plus extra spool-$175.00
4 plus extra spool-$190.00
5 plus extra spool-$205.00

Arbor Size:



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